Exhaust Systems

Never put off a muffler or car exhaust repair.

Your muffler and exhaust system components make sure toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin.  They also work to make your engine run correctly, increase fuel efficiency and cut emissions that pollute the air.

Mynatt Specials

We are refining our packaging to give our loyal customers the best possible value.  The current special is a test of our ability to list a special and have our customers print the coupon.

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Auto Repairs

We provide general auto repair and maintenance services.

  • Axle Repair
  • Brake Replacement
  • Engine  Repair
  • Engine Tune Ups
  • Emission Tests
  • Muffler Repair and Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Radiator Services
  • Transmission Services

Engine Tune Ups

Engine tune-ups are essential to the power and overall performance of your vehicle.Let our trained professionals inspect and replace your engine’s parts.

Axle Repairs

If you hear clunking or sputtering when shifting gear, it may be an indication of a damaged axle.  Mynatt can repair your axle good as new.